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Construction engineering quality warranty




Infrastruct热竞技HOT88_全球一手电竞资讯“不是说要回家吗1爬楼梯的规矩ure projects, housing construction and the foundation of the main structure of the project, the project is reasonable use fixed number of year specified in the design document.


The roof waterproof engineering, anti seepage in toilet, room and the outer wall of the water requirements for 5 years.


The heating and cooling system, 2 heating, cooling period.


The electrical pipelines, water supply and drainage pipeline, equipment installation and decoration works for 2 years.





According to the relevant provisions of the company after sale service, regular visits to the user
––– 1 years, 3 years, 5 years, each visit once, for users to put forward opinions and suggestions timely feedback and handling.





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